Brown bag happy-hour, May 4th 2016

First appointment of May's BBH

News about Drupal, Backtrac Casestudy, Drupal Developer Days and PHP for this new appointment of BBH!

Weekly News

A new design system for

A new visual system for is expected for this year. The goal is “Update to reflect the flexibility, modernity, and community of Drupal itself”.

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Drupal Developer Days keynotes

Drupal Developer Days, the developer-oriented international event that offers opportunities for learning and actually using Drupal, comes to Italy for the very first time in 2016. It will be held in Milan, June 21-26.

Annunced keynotes:

  • Bojan Živanović - Making a Drupal shaped dent in the universe
  • Alessia Rullo - Aesthetics of interaction: an update
  • Jessica Rose - Automating Access to Development

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Backtrac Casestudy

BackTrac is visual regression testing tool, the case study explain a real life example,

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PHP, Nette

According to the survey result at sitepoint SitePoint statistics , it ranked number 3 in both “at Work” and “in Personal Projects”, just tailing the two giants: Laravel and Symfony2. Nette Framework is an Open Source framework for creating web applications in PHP


  • Full PHP 7 compatibility
  • Revolutionary technology that eliminates security holes and their misuse, such as XSS, CSRF, session hijacking, session fixation, etc
  • Tracy debug tools, which will help you discover all bugs in timely fashion.
  • Thoughtful and pure object-oriented design using the new features in PHP 5, components and event driven modeling.

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The BBH (Brown bag happy-hour) it’s a SparkFabrik regular activity where we share discoveries and techniques with each other and discuss the last two week tech and innovation world novelties.

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