Tech team

Paolo Mainardi

Paolo Mainardi CTO, Founder

Hacker, open-source enthusiast, reddit addicted and now proud founder of Sparkfabrik.

Marcello Gorla

Marcello Gorla Frontend developer

Designer, developer and games addicted. Sometimes all three of them apply.

Paolo Pustorino

Paolo Pustorino CEO, Founder

Drummer, tabletop role-player and developer. Incidentally CEO and striving servant leader from 2013.

Marcello Testi

Marcello Testi Lead developer

Long-time open-source contributor, avid music listener. In Sparkfabrik since day-1.

Enrico Sato

Enrico Sato Frontend Developer

Web developer, bass player, tech lover. And a really really curious man.

Vincenzo Di Biaggio

Vincenzo Di Biaggio Software Developer

Software Developer, heavy music listener, street photography lover.

Marco Primitivo

Marco Primitivo Software Developer

Software Developer, curious about everything, love to make experiments.